You may enjoy significant cost savings by purchasing the MYPROJECT ROAMDAP™ product via one of our Volume License Programs. Our Volume License Program is designed to enable a group of users (Company, Association, or Team) to purchase our product that provides you the greatest amount of flexibility and savings.

Our Volume License program approach is based on (5) Five User profiles. Each user profile represents a total number of end-users who would directly use the MYPROJECT ROADMAP™ product. Based on your customer profile and number of users, you can select a volume license program option that is specific to your need.
Please use the table below to choose the program that best suites your need. A MYPROJECT ROADMAP™ customer care specialist can help you to select the Volume License program that is best for you.
Please feel free to contact us at: customerservice@myprojectroadmap.com for additional information or assistance.
  Single User License Program Work group License Program Corporate License Program Enterprise License Program Educational License Program
Customer Profile Description Designed for an individual, Independent consultant or project management professional, who desires to purchase, the product for his/her on use. Designed for an organization who would like to use this purchase this to improve coordination, collaboration, and communication within a small work group. Designed for an organization with a larger employee pool that would like to leverage the full potential of using this product across several business units. Designed for an organization whose employee base spans across departments, divisions, or localities.

This program is ideal for customers, such as a Program Management Office responsible for standardized project collateral across an enterprise.
Designed for a group of users, such as a class affiliated with an academic institution of higher learning. This program is designed for college, graduate students, or facility members interested in a group discount.

Using our consulting services, we can customize aspects of the product to include school specific requirements, such as school logo, class topic discussions, or links to curriculum materials.
Number of Users 1 2-5 6-25 26+ Contact Us
Benefits Allows 1 user the permission to use the software. Allows a maximum of 5 users the permission to use the software. Allows a maximum of 25 users the permission to use the software to create a single corporate solution. Allows an enterprise the flexibility to determine the total number of users to use the software. The manner that users accesses the MYPROJECT ROADMAP product will be based on the needs of the enterprise:
Promotes quality and standardization across an entire enterprise.
Academic discounts are available based on:Class size
  Number of Users Per unit Cost Discount Amount Cost Saving Total Cost
Single User License Program 1 $99.00 N/A 0 $99.00 (1 User)
Work Group* License Program 2-5 $94.05 $4.95 5% $470.25 (5 Users)
Corporate* License Program 6-25 $89.10 $9.90 10% $2,227.50 (25 Users)
Enterprise* License Program 26+ $84.15 $14.85 15% Determined by total Users
Educational License Program Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Determined by class size Determine by class size
  The MYPROJECT ROADMAP Volume License Program is only applicable for the MYPROJECT ROADMAP Comprehensive Suite product and is not applicable to the individual template solutions.  


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